I love the above quote. And here’s why: I work a full time job and like everyone else, have a ton of bills to pay. At the end of the day, I am simply exhausted. I don’t have a lot of money, and after all is said and done, I don’t feel like I have a lot of time in my day. But serving as project chair for the Cinderella Project is something I find time for. I am simply doing what I can, with what I have, where I am. Once you read the rest of this posting, you’ll understand why I truly believe anyone, no matter how small, can contribute and help make something incredible happen.

Here is just a brief summary of the last couple of days:

I was out of town Thursday through Sunday, so I missed seeing the paper (Post & Courier) on Friday when they featured the Cinderella Project in the Moxie section (not to mention the FRONT page of the entire paper… (See post below for full story).

Upon my return, I’ve been overwhelmed with the response. I arrived at work to find my boss and co-workers saved a half dozen copies of the paper for me to send to family members. Then I signed onto the CInderella email account to find more than 50 emails from people who saw the article and wanted to donate, volunteer, or just congratulate me on the press.

This morning I arrived at work and waiting for me were three gift certificates from Sarah’s Creations good for free corsages – an great door prize for the event.

Today at Rotary, we were given a special shout out and applause for the media coverage. I saw Leslie Fellabom, who previously donated over 140 items to use in the goodie bags, and again thanked her for the contribution.

Back at work I ran into Anita Antoinette who volunteered back in 2010. Not only is she going to volunteer again, but she and another Avon Representative will be donating items to use in the goodie bags.

I also received word from Sharon and Jennifer Cook that they made and donated jewelry for the project today.

This afternoon I heard from fellow law school alum, Ryan Neville, who brought by 7 dress donations from his wife.

Committee member, Ashley Vaughan, told me she officially received word from Jersey Mikes that they will be donating food for the day of the event.

Also received a phone call today from Allison Cobb Long, owner of Bella Bridesmaid – one of our sponsors – that she has about 10 more dresses for us to pick up. This would be in addition to the more than 100 dresses she’s already donated.

I also received an email from Melissa Ward, Co-Owner of Tabula Rasa Salon, who heard about the project and is hoping to get involved and possibly donate style/makeup applications.

And just moments ago, I received an email from Emmie Clisham, Director of Philanthropy for Zeta Tau Alpha at the College of Charleston, that her chapter has been collecting donations for us. As of tonight, they have 20 dresses, 15 pairs of shoes, a bunch of jewelry, and $65!!

And we aren’t stopping yet!

Tomorrow at 1 pm, I am meeting with Warren Pepper who hosts the TV Show: “In the News with The Post and Courier” to talked about the project.

This project is receiving help from all over – from Christine Sledz who mailed jewelry and accessories from Connecticut to Rhonda Slough who donated dresses from Myrtle Beach – I am simply overwhelmed by the response.

So to those of you who have given and to those of you who are signed up to volunteer – I want to say thank you.

For those of you who want to contribute – there is still time.

Contact me at and we can find a way to get you involved!



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