CP2013 Progress Report

Happy Sunday everyone!

Now that we are about 6 weeks out from the BIG DAY, I wanted to give a status report and where we stand.

Taylor and I decided to work together again for the 2013 project. It’s wonderful having a teammate in planning this event as it’s grown so much over the last 10+ years.

We continue to have the huge support of our partner Allison with Bella Bridesmaid (http://www.bellabridesmaid.com/).

We are excited to announce we have Angie Kulenguski serving as our Volunteer Coordinator for CP2013! Send an email to cinderellaprojectcharleston@gmail.com for more information or to sign up to volunteer. This year’s event will be March 2, 2013.

We started this year’s event with the wonderful news that AAA Storage in downtown Charleston was willing to donate a unit so that we had a proper place to store the donations for the 3/2/13 event.

Then, with the help of two local graphic designers, Digit from Ross Printing (http://www.rsaprinting.com/) and Elyse, Owner of Elyse Witt Salamon Design, LLC, helped edit last year’s posters. Check them out:

Donation Poster:


Invitation Poster:


And we are SO thankful to Snyder Event Rentals (http://www.snyderevents.com/) for donating our “dressing rooms”.

Banana Republic on King Street is donated 5 mannequins to the Cinderella Project which will definitely help spice up our boutique!

Lowcountry Live had us on Friday, January 4, 2013 to talk about the project and solicit donations. We’re hoping to go on again so that we can invite the high school girls to the event.  I would have loved to post the link to the segment, but it costs $35 to request a copy and we don’t believe in spending Cinderella Funds on anything operational. We want all of the money donations to go back to the girls somehow (i.e. good bags!) But, here’s a photo of our mannequins that made a cameo on LCL:


We’ve also confirmed that we will have the wonderful CINDERELLA CARRIAGE again this year. Here’s a photo from last year:


Let’s see…

I’ve been told by my fellow project chair, Taylor, that we have FOUR boxes of donations from Warren on King. Can’t wait to see what goodies we have from them. (http://warrenonking.com/)

I met this afternoon with Jodi who was the owner of a bridal shop in the Charleston area that recently closed up shop. Luckily, she thought of CINDERELLA PROJECT when she was deciding what to do with dresses, shoes, shawls, and gloves she had remaining.

I’ve also submitted the donation request to Cupcake (http://www.freshcupcakes.com/index.html) as they’ve donated every year for a few years now, and those cupcakes are always a favorite!

We still need:

– Dresses

– Shoes

– Purses

– Shawls

– Volunteers

– Goodie bag stuffings (i.e. samples of perfume, make up, nail polish, etc)

– Door prizes (gift certificates to hair and nail salons, and restaurants)

– Donations so we can buy food for the event day.

If you want to help in ANY WAY email us at CinderellaProjectCharleston@gmail.com


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