Update on Progress Report

We are about ONE MONTH out from the big day. For those following the progress, I just wanted to provide a quick update:

The Cupcake Request: Eliza Chidester emailed me saying YES we will be able to get a donation for our event – SUCH great news and these are SO good!

We we also fortunate enough to be on air with Tessa and Baby J on 99.7 to talk about the project. We’ve had a great response from those who heard us, so big thank you goes out to Tessa for inviting me on! (http://star997.com/Tessa—Baby-Jay/12651245)

I’m happy to report we received the following email from Charleston ZTA Alumnae group:

We are the ZTA alumnae group (graduates from all over the country). We knew the ZTA collegiates at C of C were a huge help last year, so we wanted to participate this year by getting dress donations at our workplaces,etc.. We have about 20 dresses and tons of jewelry to donate. I’m sure they will have even more, so I can just drop the stuff off at a location if that’s easier.

Love seeing how involved the community had become.

And for some of the biggest news:  We heard from committee member Angie that Charleston Cotton Exchange agreed to DONATE 75 tee shirts for our volunteers this year! Incredible news. That’s $$ we won’t be spending on “overhead” and can go to benefitting the wonderful young ladies who attend our event.

And for those of you who have following the project from the early days, here is a newspaper I found yesterday from the 2005 project.


We’ve come a long way. So proud of this project, especially the volunteers and donors that make it happen.

Alright – now it’s time for me to plea for donations and time. We are just about 1 month out from our event date (3/2/13). We will need help setting up. This is an incredible chance to really see the transformation of auditorium into boutique. This task requires lots of help to sort dresses, set up check in and check out, decorate our dressing rooms, etc. Please email us at cinderellaprojectcharleston@gmail.com to sign up to help! 🙂

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