Cinderella Project EVE

It’s the night before the big day. So let’s recap:

A handful of some of our BEST volunteers helped transform St. Matthew’s auditorium into a great fashion boutique. All of the help that the Community Center (especially Chris, Leoma, and John) put into organizing the dresses helped save us, literally, hours of work.

I will get a more official count tomorrow, but I think we actually have MORE dresses this year than last. Of course, we only display the best, pulling aside anything ripped, stained, or just not prom appropriate. Luckily, we didn’t have too much of that this year because about half of our dresses are BRAND NEW (and tags to prove it!) We can thank Bella BridesmaidII Brunettes, Warren on King, and Bridals by Jodi for some of these goodies!

Taylor L. and Angie K. have been my like my left and right arm for this year’s project. They both spent an incredible amount of time soliciting donations, including wonderful items from Warren on King and our volunteer tee shifts from The Cotton Exchange. 

Ashley R. also came by today with donations she collected from Clinique, Estee Lauder, and some incredible jewelry from Copper Penny on King Street. Not to mention an amazing door prize from Visage in Belle Hall Shopping Center.

And we’re lucky enough to have Jennifer’s Jemz donate absolutely gorgeous jewelry sets.

Synder came and helped set up the dressing rooms for tomorrow. Even after a small “snafu”, the courteous workers got those rooms up and ready to go.

Also, need to give two special shout outs to Dana Adkins Law Firm and Shelly Leake Law Firm for not only serving as drop off sites for our donations but also for having their donations DELIVERED to our venue site this afternoon.

The mannequins that Banana Republic on King Street donated are a great addition to this year’s decor.

The forecast for tomorrow says: Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny. High 54F.

Really looking forward to another successful year for CP! Hopefully our contacts through Communities in Schools helped spread the word and we have a line of ladies to get new threads tomorrow.

We will post photos soon.

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