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Happy Sunday, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since we last updated you – time is seriously going by way too fast.

Here we are, less than T H R E E weeks away from our big day. I wanted to just give a brief recap of the wonderful progress we are making on the 2014 event.

So the last update included a thanks to Gown Boutique for their donation but failed to actually put any of the pieces on display – so here ya go:


These are some of the longer beauties…


And here are some of the shorter options

Last Saturday, I was able to stop by The Trunk Show to pick up a very generous monetary donation from Ms. McKenna. She also treated us to some fantastic threads – check ’em out:



Then on Monday, I met up with the one and only Tessa Spencer for a radio spot on 99.7. And, I must confess I put her (unintentionally) on the spot and invited her out to our event on March 8th. Fingers crossed!

We also got written confirmation from Stacey at Cupcake that they will honor our May 2013 (Yep, that says May 2013, we really do plan this MONTHS in advance) request for cupcakes for the event.

What other sweet treats will we be able to serve 3.8.14? Well, we heard that Iacofano’s will be donating four large pans of cinnamon rolls for our big day. Yummm.

Laura, our Donations Coordinator, has also been hard at work. Here are three awesome salons in the Charleston area that have been so incredibly generous with door prize donations:

First up – Strawberry Blonde Salon located in Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley donated a free Up-Do for one lucky lady on her prom night.

Laura also was able to coordinate a pick up at Lordis Loft. They were generous enough to donate 5 gift certificates for us to raffle off for 5 lucky girls to get their hair and makeup done for their special day!


Here’s a photo of Laura picking up the (custom made & printed) donation certificates from Lordis Loft owner, Linzie.

She also snagged six gift certificates from Stacey Goode at Berenice’s Salon located at 441 1/2 King Street.

photo (2)

Giving away these door prizes is to help give some of the young ladies an opportunity for a complete experience. And we are thrilled to announce that Ms. Jones with BellaSensation will be joining us again this year. She was a wonderful addition to our 2012 event and we are looking forward to having her back giving make up tips to the young ladies.


Ms. Jones helping with make up at the 2012 event. She will be back this year!

As if that news wasn’t exciting enough… I thought about reaching out to City of Charleston Councilmember, Dean C. Riegel. He has proven to be a wonderful supporter of the Cinderella Project the last two years. Not only has he helped spread the word about the event within City offices securing several dress donations, but he has also played the crucial role of helping spread the invites to City employees who may be related to a young lady in need.

So with three weeks left, we still need dresses, accessories, volunteers, and gift certificates. Can you ask YOUR salon if they’ll donate? Have you cleaned out your closet? If so, what about sharing our posters within your office? Or the invitation to a girl who can benefit from the project.

Youre Invited

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