Final Countdown

Let’s see – we are 5 days away from THE day!

For those who didn’t see the status update on Fbook: We just received a call from Blue Mercury that they have a bunch of eye shadow donations for us! Goodie bag stuffings galore!

And, Ms. McKenna from The Trunk Show called us up to let us know that in addition to her monetary donation and the fourteen dresses she’s already donated – she has another set of dresses! Here is a photo of two of those dresses:


Hello prom!

We then received great news from another local salon — Salon Capelli (Mt. Pleasant) has donated a gift certificate for makeup and up-do which includes wash & blow dry! Woo hoo. We have some lucky, lucky ladies this year.

We followed up on two of our major donors: (1) Snyder Event Rentals confirmed the tent (a/k/a dressing rooms) donation and confirmed the new location for our event; (2) Charleston Cotton Exchange confirmed donation of tee shirts for our wonderful volunteers!


 Here’s a photo of some of our volunteers at last year’s event sporting our CP tee shirts donated by Charleston Cotton Exchange

Last week I swung by the CofC Zeta Tau Alpha House on Coming Street to pick up an entire trunk full of donated goodies. Special thanks to Courtney Walker for serving as our liaison. You have a great group of young women and we appreciate your annual support of our project.

But the great news doesn’t end there . . .

Ashley R has been volunteering with CP for the last couple of years. Take a look at what she got Copper Penny to donate for this year’s event:

CPHow incredible is that?!

Yesterday, I chatted with Alden de Hart, who has  worked with Teen Vogue as an It Girl and Haute Spot stylist where she worked with prom styling. She’s offered to help set up a Style Lounge where she can give out tips and tricks to the attendees! Looking forward to having her join us!


And today, I was in touch with Andrea S. Clements, MS, PHR (Employee Relations Representative from Roper St. Francis Healthcare). RSF has been a very big supporter of the Charleston Cinderella Project for years. Their employees never cease to amaze me in their annual contributions. Ms. Clements told me she dropped off between 50-60 dresses they have been collecting at RSF! Love it! Thanks to Andrea and the rest of the RSF employees for your support. Looking forward to working with some of you on Saturday at the boutique!

So, what’s left?

Well – first thing – we’ve been trying to hit our 500 “like” on Facebook. We were at 454 as of 2/18. We hit 461 on 2/22. Made it to 478 on 2/25. Saw 483 on 3/1. And now, we are sitting right at 492! EIGHT MORE LIKES of our page and we hit 500! While this may seem trivial, it’s actually pretty big. See, many of our donations and volunteers come from social media sharing or even liking a status. So if you haven’t already, please go “like” our page on Facebook.

Also, for those still wanting to volunteer – right now we are full on the actual shop day, except for the 1-4 pm slot. And the committee can always use a hand with break down!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:

(1) Seeing if I can get on the Rocky D Show for some last minute PR;

(2) A little birdie told me some Avon samples are being dropped off tomorrow – added goodie bag swag!;

(3) Two awesome committee members: Marie and Carrie will be picking up from all of our donation locations on Friday afternoon. That means all donations must be completed by Thursday, COB!

(4) We set up at John Wesley starting at 2 pm on Friday;

(5) Ashley, another awesome committee member, is going to help us move from dress racks from dtown to John Wesley;

(6) We will have car load of donations being brought from our storage unit donated by AAA Storage dtown on Line Street;

(7) Saturday morning, we will have a volunteer pick up delicious cupcakes from CUPCAKE;

(8) Last minute set up and volunteer orientation will occur for the first shift.

(9) THE Cinderella Carriage will arrive Saturday morning and serve as gorgeous decor for the event.


Ladies – do you not need to bring anything with you to “shop”. This event is meant for high school students wanting to attend prom but may not be able to afford it. If you fit in that description – we hope you come!

We will keep tags on any of the new dresses. This is just to show you that the dress is new. It is still free, no matter the number on the price tag.

Parking is available. If you are taking CARTA: click here for route information. We are in between stops 4 and 5. If you need a free bus pass, e-mail us immediately:

Til’ next time! xo

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