2016 Event Planing Has Begun!

Whew. A lot happened in 2015. Some committee members had babies.. others got engaged. It was quite the year! As a whole, there was some concern that we would not be able to dedicate the necessary time and effort to make a 2016 Cinderella Project happen. But, fear not because there is an incredible committee of women who are passionate about this project and are determined that 2016 will be our best year yet!


So what have we done thus far? Well, yes… we started a bit later in the planning, but because this event has been going on for FIFTEEN years (woah) at this point, luckily a lot of the planning is just getting in touch with the right people.


Important stuff – when will the 2016 project happen? MARCH 12, 2016, 10 am – 2 pm. Mark it down.

And, where will it be? John Wesley United Methodist Church has graciously agreed to host our event again this year. We’ve held it there the past two years after our initial location downtown at St. Matthews Lutheran Church was unavailable due to renovations. It’s a great spot on Savannah Highway. Big auditorium and lots of parking.


As you know, we always have posters for our event. One to advertise to donors and one to invite the young ladies to the “boutique”. Danielle Matheny at Ross Printing helped edit our posters and hooked us up with printed ones! Remember, we always say that you should support local businesses that support local charities. Here are our 2016 posters:



So we have the When and the Where … and the posters are ready to go. Now, what about dresses? Well, this afternoon we made our first pick up of the season! Allison Cobb Long, owner of Bella Bridesmaid in Charleston is an annual sponsor because of her continued support. Committee chairs Alissa and Taylor picked up nearly 100 dress this afternoon. Here’s Taylor transporting them to her car:



 (She’s got that engaged/wedding bliss glow – hence why she was the model and not the sleep-deprived new mama, Alissa).


Now, you’re probably asking – where do you keep these dresses until the event? This crazy committee used to keep them in their respective houses. But, it ended up looking like we belonged on that TV show “Hoarders” so a few years back we reached out to AAA Storage downtown and they’ve donated a unit to us for Jan-March. Huge help.


We’ve been getting lots of e-mails about donations and volunteering so it looks like we are off to a great start. We will be sure to update on here more often.

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