The Planning Continues…

The planning for the 2017 Cinderella Project continues as we are less than 2 months out from our big event.

Last week, committee member Carrie picked up 105 dresses (yes, you read that correctly – 105 dresses) from Gown Boutique of Charleston – a long time supporter of our event. No matter what your style or favorite color, we’re sure to have something for you. From lace to sequence, knee-length to floor-length, and toole galore – our Cinderella Boutique will have it all.

We’ve also confirmed our DJ – thanks to Bunn DJ Event Company. We added a DJ about two years ago after trying to use CDs (yea, we date back to CDs…) and iphone playlists for several years. Juan, our DJ for the last two years, has been incredible and really added something extra to our big day. We’re so grateful to have this donated service.

And for all of our volunteers out there – The Charleston Cotton Exchange has once again agreed to donate our volunteer tee shirts. Having these for our volunteers is so important. It helps distinguish who is there to “shop” and who is there to help. We’ve shown them off in the past, but here’s another look at how awesome our volunteers look.

Volunteers 2014



Volunteers 2015



Seriously, what a rockstar group of fairy godmothers?


More updates coming soon!

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